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What is it?
The Course of Your Life is a course for anyone who realises that there is more to life than Monday mornings and weekend mournings.

There is more to life than looking forward to your next holiday, getting there and dreading returning home.

Life does not have to be a struggle.


Venue: Cleethorpes North East Lincolnshire

Timing of course : To be decided according to interest

This is a  4 session program that involves

4 morning group sessions 10am-12.30.

2     One on One Lifecoaching/Bio-cognitive therapy sessions.

A custom made cd produced for the individual based upon their own bio-feedback to enhance the effects of the course.

E-mail coaching for duration of the

Only selected individuals will be invited to take part.


Maldives Atolls - my 1st HD video attempt from Humble Jim on Vimeo.

The above tools and techniques are only available  from C-options.

This is a unique opportunity to  take part in a life changing event.

To arrange an interview with Nigel please either call us 0n 01472 236121. 

Or go to contact us page and as us to contact you.

Be one of the first to experience the amazing effects of a Bio-cognitive appproach top life by joining us on this groundbreaking adventure.

You will :-

Learn an easy to understand model that explains the key to being motivated.

Uncover and use a unique formula that you can apply to your life which will produce dramatic changes in the way you approach life's difficulties.

You will be introduced to and use the latest technology available to help you to understand the relationship between your mind and your body.

You will benefit from a caring sharing group approach to life's challenges.

Receive 2 one on one life coaching sessions with a Life Coach who is a qualifeid member of the association for coaching. One of less than a handful available within realistic driving distance of Cleethorpes.

Alternatively you may choose Bio-cognitive therapy which is a cutting edge approach to helping ease the stress upon the mind and body by achieving coherence.

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